If you're building a new house, or renovating an older one, we can help with practical, tailored glass solutions. Whether it's a shower, splashback, pool fence, or balustrade, we'll work with you to find a solution that fits your design vision and space limitations. We can also do repair work and replace missing glass if you need it.


Get a fresh, modern look without compromising on safety. Our glass balustrades work in outdoor and indoor spaces, in commercial and residential settings. They provide a physical barrier to prevent falls, without blocking or obscuring your view.

Whatever the project, we’ll work with you to design a balustrade that enhances your space and provides safety. As with all our work, we tailor each solution to your needs and do our best to make it perfect first time.


Make the most of your space with a glass shower. Whether you’re designing one small home bathroom or fitting out dozens of apartments, our showers look beautiful, without dominating your space.

Because we tailor every job to the space, we can create a functional shower for even the smallest bathroom. Best of all, our frameless glass designs are clean and unobtrusive, giving you the appearance of space, even in a tiny area.

Pool Fencing

Want to make your pool secure without compromising on style? Our clean, modern glass pool fencing is the way to go.

Our glass fencing is designed to meet New Zealand pool safety requirements, providing a strong barrier and lockable gating. Because it’s made of glass, with minimal palings, it also gives you an uninterrupted view of the pool area. It’s about keeping everyone safe without ruining the look of your outdoor space.


Glass doors give any space a functional, modern aesthetic look. Whether you’re designing a home, office space, or retail store, our sliding and bifold doors let you partition areas and manage sound pollution without making the space look smaller. We can also design glass doors for entryways or retail spaces.

Our bifold stacking doors are a great way to make a space more versatile. They can be used to divide a room temporarily, or open up a balcony area for better flow. Sliding doors can do similar things on a smaller scale. They’re a good way to partition small spaces without blocking light.


Give your next project a clean, modern look with a glass canopy. Our canopies provide protection from the rain while allowing sunlight to come through. They’re a practical solution for many commercial buildings.

Whatever the project – office courtyard, shop front, apartment block – we’ll work with you to design a solution that looks fantastic and fits the space. We take all our jobs seriously, so we’ll work hard to meet your vision and get it right first time.

Glass Replacement

One of the risks of using glass in design is breakage. If your beautiful glass door, custom made partition, or shop front is damaged, we can help.

Our expertise and skill level means we can easily replace or repair large glass works and complex designs – even if they were installed by another company. We’re custom glass designers, so we’ll look at your existing design and make sure the replacement is the perfect match.


Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms anymore.

Whether you’re designing a commercial building, a retail space, or simply renovating your home, our mirrors add light and the illusion of space to any area. We design and create mirrors to fit your space and your needs – big, small, stylish or practical.


Kitchens are one of the most used areas in any home. They need to be functional, stylish, and stand up to everyday use.

If you’re designing a dream kitchen, our great range of colours and textures means you’ll be able to find a splashback to suit. We cut every piece of glass to fit, so we can work around your needs and space limitations.


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